San Miguel Pale Pilsen

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ABV: 5%

Available Packages:
11.2oz. bottle, 22oz bottle, 11.2oz can, 4/6 and 2/12 pack cases. San Miguel Pale Pilsen draft (50L Kegs) available.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen is brewed by San Miguel Brewery founded in the tropical, bio-diverse country of the Philippines. San Miguel Beer was first produced in 1890, being the oldest and largest beer brand produced in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. In its 120 years of brewing excellence the brand family has more than 95% market share in its home country, and is also one of the largest selling beer brands in the world.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen the flagship brand of San Miguel Brewery is a pale golden lager brewed following a century-old tradition of excellence. An enticing pleasant aroma leads way to a mouth-watering, smooth, full flavored taste and invigoration, rich full-body. Culminated with just the right alcohol content, it is an easier sipper.