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Ernest Rapeneau Grand Reserve Brut Premier Cru

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ABV: 12%
Available Packages:
750 ml bottle, 6 bottle cases

Ernest Rapeneau Champagne, produced in Epernay, the capitol of the Champagne region, was founded in 1901 by the head of the family, Ernest Louis Rapeneau. The family-run Champagne House is one of the last of its’ kind, operating on such a large scale, handing down the family expertise more than five generations. The House sources from 420 family grown and managed acres of estate vineyards. Grapes are carefully selected in order to craft the perfect blend. Each champagne emulates heritage of inimitable style created to delight and make those great occasions very special.

Production Process: Méthode Champenoise, is the traditional method by which Rapeneau Champagne is produced. The wine goes through a vigorous process starting with; primary fermentation following the capping and crowning of the bottles. Next the wine goes through secondary fermentation, aged at a 45 degree angle and riddled. Concluding the process the bottle necks are frozen, the corks removed, a dosage of sugar is added, bottles re-corked and finished. This process has been used for centuries and ensures the highest quality wines with more layers of complexity and fruit than bubbles made through a different process.

The Premier Cru is a champagne oozing freshness and liveliness on the nose, which immediately suggests a dominance of Chardonnay. The taste is therefore surprising as it takes us into a completely different register, with tropical fruit flavors in which Pinot Noir explodes. The Premier Cru is a nice blend of 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir.