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Valserenablanco Sangiovese.png
Vineyard in fall


Obtained from the meticulous selection of Brunello (Sangiovese) grapes cultivated in the best vineyards, Val Serena Sangiovese is the result of scrupulous work outdoors and accurate intervention in the cellar which, in observance of and in keeping with a history and tradition that are added to by every bottle. Store the bottles horizontally in a cool place. Uncork at least 4 hours before serving at a temperature of 18°C. Excellent cellar storage of over 10 years.


Tasting Notes: 

Ruby red color with slight garnet hues resulting from ageing; intense and persistent perfume, with notes of red fruit jam; a smooth, velvety flavor with evenly balanced tannins, intense and persistent with spicy notes and a hint of licorice; harmonious and elegant overall.


Varietals:          100% - Sangiovese

Appellation:    Toscana

Bottle Size:      750ML

Alcohol:             12%

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