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Private Label and Product Brand Development

G.K. Skaggs operates with a team of highly skilled beverage professionals with diverse backgrounds, various areas of industry expertise and a common goal of providing top quality service to our partners and our market.  With special focus on brand building, new product development, market research and distribution across all U.S. markets, we put our partners success as our highest priority. 

G.K. Skaggs sources and represents quality, trend setting and established brands from around the world and creates brand equity within the U.S. market. The team at G.K. Skaggs researches potential opportunities, develops go-to market strategies in opportune segments within the U.S. Beverage Market, and manages brands in all aspects of their expansion. 

Over the years, we have succeeded in creating high performing, long term private label brands for retail and wholesale partners. Together we create opportunity brands from start to finish. Product sourcing, creative branding and package design, production and developing the framework for a successful market strategy. Each is a key element in order to establish strong exclusive brands for retailers.

G.K. Skaggs is not only the supplier of brands but the enforcer of brand messaging, manager and creator of marketing efforts and the working engine which builds brand equity, striving to make each brand a success within in the market.

G.K. Skaggs was the first company to launch a nationwide control label beer program in the US. We have been creating successful control label brands for retail chains for over 20 years while maintaining a longstanding membership with the Private Label Manufacturers Association - PLMA.

We create, formulate and package the highest quality beer, wine and spirits from around the world. From creating value for both retail and wholesale partners to building brand and market equity for our retail partners, to build brands and enhance profitability. We are committed to providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.

Many of our private label brands have been sold by our retail partners for over 20 years.

Our capabilities include:

  • Customized branding and design to best fit opportunities in your markets

  • Turn-key programs within a short amount of time from product design and conception to nationwide delivery and retail roll-out

  • The ability to source and produce any type of beer, wine or spirit beverage from around the world. Specialty items also available: Irish Cream, Malt Flavored Coolers, Liqueurs and Sparkling Beverages. Able to source and produce all wine varietals from around the world in all packaging formats

  • Specialty items are also available

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