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Experience the luxuries that life has to offer by indulging in Ginebra San Miguel Gin. This exceptional spirit is crafted with a meticulous combination of fine botanical extracts, including juniper berries, enhanced by a refreshing burst of delightful citrus flavors and top-tier alcohol. Ginebra San Miguel Gin upholds the esteemed 185-year heritage of Ginebra San Miguel, delivering a comforting taste with precisely balanced alcohol content.


Inspired by St. Michael, the Archangel of Battle and revered as the patron saint of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police officers, and military personnel, Ginebra embodies the spirit of bravery. With a deep respect for tradition, Ginebra Gin blends its exquisite flavor with homage to these courageous individuals, resulting in a distinctive brand that has gained global recognition as the best-selling gin in the world.


Gold Medal: 2014 Monde Selection
Gold Medal: 2008 Monde Selection
Silver Medal: 2006 Monde Selection

Winner of twelve (12) consecutive Monde Selection Gold Medals.



Ginebra San Miguel is the Philippines leading gin. First produced in 1834, it is now acknowledged as the world’s largest selling gin. It is an 80 proof Dutch type gin made from selected spirits and botanical extracts. Its predominant flavor comes from juniper berries.


Distilled spirits from sugarcane molasses, botanical essences and demineralized water.

  • Gin came to the Philippines in the 1830s, when the first brand was formed by a family-owned Spanish era distillery.

  • Ginebra San Miguel was the Philippine gin that started the gin trend in the Philippines.

  • As the biggest gin market in the world, the Philippines market consumes some 22 million cases a year, and the Philippines in turn makes up an eye-watering 43% of the entire world market for gin - almost all of which is the local brand.

  • Ginebra San Miguel (‘Ginebra’ is Tagalog for ‘gin’), an 80-proof ‘Dutch-type’ gin.

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