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Sapiens is a drink for the wise, for those who know how to appreciate a Tequila and for those who are on the hunt for new sensations.


One of the best tequilas in the world comes from the blue agave plants in Jalisco. We only use 100% pure agave Azul from the zone. We give from 6 to 10 years for our agave plants to mature, to make sure they develop the elegant flavors that distinguish our incredibly smooth Tequila.

ABV: 40% ALC./VOL.

 Sapiens sources Agaves from Zona Valles and Zona Altos. Our partners manage several hectares with 3,000 agaves each, giving us access to multiple plants in several stages of growth. Allowing us to produce a premium tequila for “conocedores;” Those who seek out and value a quality experience with every sip. 

Every part of our process is intentional from our Tahona made of volcanic Rock and the American oak barrels we store our tequila in, to our manual personalized production lines and the 100% recycled bottles that we fill.


We understand not only how agave has evolved throughout time, but the industry of tequila as well. We are truly confident in knowing what we want in our tequila and only delivering the very best.


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