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“What a pleasure to find a throwback release of Marlborough Sauvignon that’s unapologetically pungent, tart, and dry in aftertaste. The category boomed commercially on a worldwide scale by picking riper fruit and finishing the wines with residual sugar, making them suitable for cocktail-style sipping but reducing their value with food. This is all about dried herbs and citrus fruit with zesty acidity.  An oyster lover’s dream.”  93


Premium Beverage Importer for Beer, Wine, and Spirits from around the World!

GK Skaggs, Inc has built a portfolio of premium brands from around the world with a record of four decades of excellent service to our Wholesale & Retail customers.

GK Skaggs Ethos

"As custodians of each brand we represent, we ensure that we create value for both retail and wholesale partners, cultivate relationships which transform into long-term partnerships and build brand and market equity for our suppliers and distributors."


Liquid Bubbles


 From around the globe, G.K. Skaggs' team of global logistics experts ensure delivery throughout the U.S. market to retail shelves across the country

Global Sourcing

 We have partnered with breweries, wineries and distilleries around the globe to import only the highest quality brands 

Private Label

 GK Skaggs was the first company in the country to launch a nationwide private label program in the USA

Product Brand Development

 GK Skaggs has a team of highly skilled beverage professionals with focus on brand building, new product development, market research and distribution across all US markets

National Distribution

 We have been recognized as a top import vendor within the CDC channels of the beverage industry


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