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Novellino all began as a twinkle in the eye of Vicente “Nonoy” Quimbo, a Filipino businessman with years of experience in the international beverage business. While travelling around the world, Quimbo took an interest in wine. Like so many around the world, it fascinated him. After all, wine is a drink that is so much more than a drink. For centuries, people have associated wine with such high regard; things like, culture, romance, and travel to name a few.


Nonoy dared to ask the question, if wine has such strong global appeal, why is wine consumption in the Philippines so low? Quimbo dedicated himself to unlocking this mystery. After careful examination and market research, Nonoy came to an answer: He attributed it to three key factors: Taste, Price, and Familiarity. Filipinos wanted to drink wine, but they didn’t like the taste of traditional dry wine, they assumed it was not within their budget, and they were often overwhelmed by the vast number of brands and varietals.


With this answer in mind, Nonoy set out to launch Novellino Wines. However, let it be clear that Nonoy Quimbo didn’t start Novellino Wines so that he could own a successful company, a successful company was simply the result of Novellino Wines fulfilling the (un-filled) aspirations of the Filipino people

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