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Fundador was born in 1874, the first Spanish brandy and since then production has never stopped. Its process of distillation in American oak barrels wrapped with Sherry Wine makes it unmistakable. Fundador is the most sold brandy inside and outside of Spain and is an incomparable mark and reference of Spanish identity and multicultural tradition.In addition to having a huge historical legacy in Spain, the Domecq family launched the first brandy produced in Spain in 1834 creating Fundador.


Since its inception, Fundador is considered the leading brand of Brandy de Jerez in Spain. The exceptional and powerful quality of the brandy made it stand out in the market of alcoholic drinks in the 70s, the time of maximum apogee of brandy in Spain. This is how Fundador became the leading brandy. It’s quality was aptly described by many under the slogan, “It’s... like nothing else...”

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